Identifying Projects

I have a few different ideas of what I could do for a project based on blockchain, generally based around the idea of content protection. The first project idea is a research subject, whether blockchain could be used to project content creators. This would require researching blockchain and how it could be used to protect content from being exploited or stolen, including how re-uploaded content could be identified as a copy. The second is whether blockchain could be used as a platform for commission exchanges. This is based on how digital commissions can be harder to verify using current system, which are often based around physical goods. As example is PayPal, which has a chargeback function which can be exploited by both creators and clients (eg, clients filing a chargeback for a product already completed by claiming it was never shipped, or a creator taking longer than 6 months to provide a product and preventing clients from filing a rightful chargeback or being refunded). The third thing would be creating a social content sharing platform, which uses blockchain to keep user content protected. This one is similar to both previous ideas, but is more based on website design. Most of these projects would involve similar work, just with a different overall outcome and goal.

Some potential academic articles for referencing:
Personal Data Control
Sharing Economy
Monetized Graphics