Industry Topics

One example of a software industry topic would be Blockchain technology, and its potential impact and uses.

Blockgeeks talks about the general purpose and application of a blockchain and how it can protect assets on the internet, such as currency exchanges using digital currencies such as Bitcoin. In general the article is informative about the subject rather than giving an opinion on it, and goes on to list a number of applications where blockchain is useful, such as finance, property, and identity protection.
Medium has a post which discusses real-life applications of blockchain and the use-case scenarios of it, and generally discusses the benefits of using a vlockchain system rather than a more traditional one. It touches on similar topics to the BlockGeeks link, such as financial security in trades.
Harvard Business Review also discusses some of the ways blockchain would be beneficial to security and transactions, but also about some of the issues which could prevent its adoption, such as how blockchain works fundamentally and how it contrasts with current systems used.
BitcoinMagazine discusses the potential use of blockchain in space missions and internal operations.
Xenonstack also has a general overview of the system, such as it’s origin and how that original use has been expanded for alternative uses outside of Bitcoins.
The Economist gives a more business-orientated view, listing the areas where blockchain would be beneficial within a business environment for things like staff payment, contracts and cloud storage.
Most of these articles have a positive view of the system, with the HBR discussion on BlockChain’s larger implementation being the most negative due to their view on when the system is likely to be implemented at large.

In general BlockChain interests me because of the applications in general internet media, such as personal online content and security. It could be useful for content creators to reduce the plagiarism and theft of content such as writing and artwork, as well as providing a more secure way to make online transactions regarding that kind of media. Current payment systems like PayPal are known for being more interested in buyer protection than seller protection, making it easy for freelance artists to be charged back money for work they completed due to it being digital/not shipped to the buyer.

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