Data Deluge (W4 Part 1)

Summary – What are the main points?
In general the article is talking about how advances in technology have resulted in there being more data attained during research (“Today, some areas of science are facing hundred- to thousandfold increases in data volumes“, page 1297). In particular, the article is discussing the impact this has on the research community and research paradigms (“Computer simulations have become an essential third paradigm“, “a fourth paradigm is emerging, consisting of the techniques and technologies needed to perform data-intensive science“, page 1297), discussing how the community lacks knowledge of how to make use of the data deluge due to a lack of database integration slowing down research potential (“data-intensive science has been slow to develop due to the subtleties of databases, schemas, and ontologies, and general lack of understanding of these topics by the scientific community.“, page 1298)
Referenced article: /
G Bell, T Hey, A Szalay (2009, March 6), Beyond the Data Deluge Science Magazine, p1297-1298

Where was the article published?
It was published to, a peer-reviewed academic journal (

How credible is it?
Very, as it’s a peer reviewed journal, meaning the topics published to it are likely to be very thorough and accurate, and have been reviewed and approved by other people in the top of the field being discussed.

What other articles has the author written? Do they lend credibility?
Gordon Bell has written articles about computer science (structures (, classes (, storing personal information (, databases (, multimedia (, etc) which does lend credibility to the computer discussions in the article.
Tony Hey has also written a number of IT-based articles, which discus the research paradigm, grid computing, the data deluge and Cyberinfrastructure (
Alex Szakay seems to have written more articles about astronomical science, which was also heavily discussed in the report in relation to data. ( / /

How much other work has been written about the subject? And how does this affect the credibility?
Going by the search results for ‘Data Deluge’, there are a number of additional articles on the subject which have been written before and since the main ‘Beyond the Data Deluge’ article was, although many discuss the topic from a different angle (Examples: / / / / / This lends credibility, as it shows the topic has been researched and discussed in other places and by different people.

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