Arguments and Truth (Class Notes)

Note on previous entry – Product failures are different to usual research failure, due to the nature of product/business research. Companies can’t afford to spend as much time researching the potential of products, since any delay in getting a product out can mean another company taking the risk instead and getting a foothold in the market for that product. While they can still be considered research failures in a literal sense, realistically they just can’t be avoided due to the nature of business research compared to scientific research.

Crafting an Argument – Make your position in the research clear, make clear end statements which summarise what happened during the research and what was discovered. Keep the summary on-focus.

Truth, knowledge, validity and awareness –

Note: Constructive truths.
Sometimes what is considered true is purely dependant on standards created or made up by society or culture. Things only belong to certain classes or groups because we have defined it that way, not because it’s defined that was naturally or objectively beyond human definition. This also ties back into 8, as what is considered true is sometimes just a fabrication made by humans to make the world around us more understandable and explainable (which could be considered an illusion of understanding).

Social constructivism – Constructed things considered true, only determined through social processes
Consensus – Truths determined by mass-beliefs
Coherence – How well the truth fits into the working of a whole system
Correspondence – Seeing evidence of the truth repeatedly
Pragmatist – Ability to implement truth, verifying by putting concepts into action

Questioning the truth can lead to either validity of the truth, or discovery of new truths

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